Social media is becoming the new thing to do. If you are not on any kind of social media platform, you are considered to be uncool and dead in the water. Kik Finder is one of the latest technologies for social media. It’s also becoming very popular among young adults.

What is it about Kik finder that has everyone paying attention? Let’s look into Kik and find out why it’s the new cool thing.



Communication is so important; and yet, rarely do people know how to do it without a social media platform. Since this is the new way of doing things, Kik makes it that much easier. When you send out a message, you get an instant notification. It’s kind of like a live feed or update.

This allows viewers to see when things get posted. In other platforms you have to wait. With Kik you do not have this issue. The live chat allows you to see when someone is sending a message back to you. This saves on some of you waiting on a response. Some times a person needs a response right away. Kik takes all of this into consideration.



This is another great thing about Kik finder. You can connect with others through other platforms. Let’s say you are already on Facebook. Just sign in with Kik through Facebook. Kik will then have all your information. You and your friends can connect with others on Kik. This saves on having to create new profiles. This also cuts down on security. If you already trust your friends on Facebook, the same discretion will be used with Kik friends.



You won’t have to rely on just texting with Kik. You can send out emoticons. You can send out video chats and picture shows. Think of it like Twitter and Facebook, only a bit more advanced. There are many of us who like using emoticons to express the way we feel. I do this with texting too. Emoticons are a great way to get your feelings across, without putting too much thought into it. Emoticons eliminate the need for overthinking. This is what makes Kik finder so great. You get to enjoy your emotions, without putting too much emotion into it.



Kik finder allows you to do this. You can personalize the themes and colors. You can make it your own. Facebook and Twitter give you these same options, but on a very limited platform. Kik finder takes away the limitations.



This is another cool thing about Kik and Kik finder. You can personalize the chat bubbles. When you are texting someone, you can choose which color you want. Facebook and Twitter don’t even give you this option. You can chat with someone based on how you are feeling. If you are feeling frustrated or angry, you can use colors like red. This is a way to let the other person know how you are feeling that day. Some people do not like to express their inside feelings so readily. I am one of these people. I prefer to let the colors speak for me.



There are so many cool things about using Kik and Kik Finder. If you are already used to places like Facebook and Twitter, you will love this site. It takes it all and moves it up a notch. Go online today and create an account. Social media platforms are not meant to be taken so seriously anyway. Places like Kiki are there to get to know people and engage with them. What are you waiting for? Go out. Have some fun. Make some new friends. Remember everyone, let’s make it a Kik party!